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Taylor Swift's New Video Full of Hidden Messages

And Swifties are on the case to figure them all out.

October 27, 2017

Taylor Swift said "the old Taylor is dead" in her debut single from her upcoming album Reputation and she wasn't kidding. Her new music has a completely different sound than all of her albums in the past. And she also seems to have this sass about her like never before.

Her latest video for "...Ready For It?" dropped last night and there are already a lot of theories on hidden messages in it. 

So what do Swifties think is hidden in the video and who are these messages directed towards?

1. She references boyfriend Joe Alwyn in the video.

2. There may not have been any snakes in the video this time, but there were references.

3. She references ex Calvin Harris too.

4. She's freeing herself from all the negative and the media storm around her.

The video came out at midnight and already has over 8 million views. Wow, incredible.