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Texas School District Bringing Back the Paddle

Watch out Kids!

July 21, 2017

I remember in elementary school that the really bad kids would get the paddle if their parents had consented to it. I was a pretty good kid in school and if I ever did anything it wasn't bad enough to warrant a paddling. 

But corporal punishment has long since gone away. Teachers and school administrators aren't even able to have contact with the kids anymore. Like if a child is crying, I don't think most school's allow the teacher to hug and comfort the child. 

One school district in Texas is bringing back the paddle. A board of trustees for Three Rivers Independent School District in South Texas approved a new disciplinary method that would permit paddling. But does that mean just any child can get the paddle and who's issuing the punishment? 

Parents will have to give the district written consent and the paddling will be done by the school Principal or a Behavior Coordinator. 

What types of infractions mean the child gets the paddle? 

A child will get a single paddle for not following classroom rules. But what about those student's that do something much worse? Hmmmm? I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Would you allow your child's principal to punish them by paddling them? Or would you rather handle the punishment at home?