There's A 1 in 5 Chance Your Boss Is A Psychopath

April 16, 2018

© Lane Erickson | Dreamstime

Ever think your boss is a complete psychopath? You may really be on to something!

A new study took a look at CEO's and other people in management positions and found that 1 in 5 had the character traits of a psychopath!

"Characteristics such as an inability to empathise, superficiality and insincerity are all associated with the condition." according to the study done by Bond University!

Now their behavior is totally making sense!

"A type of “successful psychopath” who may be inclined to unethical or illegal practices has been allowed into the top ranks of companies because of the way firms hire, according to Mr. Brooks."

Do you or have you ever worked for someone who may be one of these psychopaths in charge? I have! Worst experience of my life!

A disturbing number of bosses are psychopaths

Around one in five corporate bosses are psychopaths - a proportion similar to that among prisoners - according to a new study. Research conducted by forensic psychologist Nathan Brooks from Bond University found 21 per cent of 261 corporated professionals had clinically significant psychopathic traits.

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