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There's An APP To Help Parents Get More Sexy Time In

April 13, 2017

Being a parent can be a real challenge, but on the flip side, it's also one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. When your kids are younger, they sometimes require a lot of time and attention. This means your needs and wants aren't always a priority. Many couples with children struggle to get some alone time in the bedroom, but now that can change with a new APP and online show. 

Sure, you can put on Disney's Frozen and hope that they stay put in front of the TV so you can get a quickie in, but nothing is guaranteed. 

It's an online show called The ExtendablesIt syncs with an APP that will actually monitor your kids and alert you if they move away from the screen. The geniuses behind this amazing, new creation are Four Seasons condom company. 

Check out the promotional video for The Extendables below.

I am literally crying from that. I don't have kids so I don't have to worry about them walking in on me, but I imagine it's every parent's fear. 

According to the website, 73% of parents have had their kids walk in on them when they were having sex. Eek!