There's A Man Already Waiting In Line for New iPhone

That's some dedication!

September 19, 2018


I am an Apple person and have had the iPhone since it first debuted in 2007, but I am not this crazy.

Last Wednesday, Apple announced their new lineup of iPhones and a 4th generation iWatch. They will be offering four new options, the iPhones XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR. They range in price from $749 to $1049 and can go up from there depending on what kind of storage you want. 

You can pre-order them online through your cell phone carrier or Apple. But why do that when you can just wait in line? One man tried to get one via preorder, but couldn't so instead he's waiting in line in Houston. 

They are in stores this Friday.

Are you planning to get one? I want to XsMax because it has the biggest screen, but currently I am not up for an upgrade. I think I will look into ways to finagle my way to getting one because my 7s is on it's last leg.