There's Now a Sexy "Ghosted" Halloween Costume

Would you wear this costume?

September 24, 2018

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I cannot believe Halloween is less than six weeks away! If you want to choose a trendy costume and be sexy at the same time, I have just the costume for you. 

I will preface this though with the idea that this clearly proves that someone can turn anything into a sexy Halloween costume. Have you seen some of the ridiculous sexy costumes? Over the past few years, there have been sexy Donald Trumps, slices of pizza, etc. 

This year's new it sexy costume is the "Ghosted" costume. If you've been dating over the last few years, it's likely happened to you. If not you have likely heard of the term. It's when someone just never responds to your text message and they just vanish with no explanation. 

If you want to get your very own Ggosted costume, you can find it at Party City