These 2 Things Trigger Overeating

March 6, 2019

© Vadymvdrobot | Dreamstime

How can we stop ourselves from overeating? According to a new study, we now know two things that may trigger us to lose control and eat too much. I would be willing to bet that you think one of these triggers is stress. 

Sure, a lot of people stress eat and end up overeating because they are unhinged. And let's be honest, the Holiday season is a prime time for many people to feel some level of stress. But stress isn't one of the two things that they found that make us stuff our faces. 

The study found that the smell of food and the flashy menu boards at restaurants make us eat more than we should. Think of the last restaurant you stepped into with a menu board. If you've been to any fast food chain lately, all the menu boards are on large screen TVs that show off the food items and are flashy with graphics that catch the eye. 

So how much more are we eating because of the smells and food photos? According to the University of Michigan, about 220 calories on average. 

I believe this study to be 100% true. Back in high school and college, I worked at Auntie Anne's Pretzels. You'd think that the smell of them would make me gag, but the scent makes me want one even more.