Group of friends are enjoying a meal together.

5 Activities That Will Make You Feel Younger

Want to feel younger? Do these things more!

September 6, 2019

Most people would like to look younger. Sometimes that's just not possible. But feeling younger can give you just as much of a boost. Want to feel up to 15 years younger? There are a few things that are supposed to help us. 

‘What the research has highlighted is the need to keep looking after yourself and enjoying the best things in life, no matter what your age — whether that’s being active or spending time with friends and family.’

Here are five things that can make you feel younger according to a new study

1. Having sex at least once a week.

2. Going on vacation.

3. Petting a dog or cat.

4. Hitting the gym regularly.

5. Spending time with friends.

I mean those are some pretty easy things to accomplish on a regular basis except for going on vacation because traveling requires time off from work and cash.