These Jobs Get the Most Right Swipes on Dating APPs

Did your career make the most attractive list?

January 23, 2019

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If you've tried your hand at finding love or someone to "hang out with" on one of the millions of Dating APPs, you know it's not easy. Thankfully, I had my last run looking for love on Dating APPs in October. Generally, for me, I would sign up and spend a few days swiping left or right. I may converse with a few potential dates, but the whole process was annoying, and I would delete the APP. 

There are all different factors that come into play that helps determine if you will get more right swipes. Typically, a right swipe means that someone is showing interest in you. In the past research found that people that listed Star Wars anywhere on their profile were more likely to get a right swipe. 

Pictures also play an important role in how people react to your profile. In fact, my friends and I have come to the conclusion that most people do not even bother to read your profile, but swipe based on your first photo or after scrolling through your photos. If your photo appear pixelated in 2018, you likely won't get much positive response. Most people have phones with incredible cameras so there is really no excuse for bad photos! 

But let's get back to the subject you came here for, what jobs are the ones that seem to get the most positive reaction on these dating APPs. A dating APP by the name of Badoo conducted the latest study about what jobs people think are most attractive. The surveyed five-thousand single people under the age of thirty and here's what they found. 

Most Attractive Jobs for Men:

1. Chef

2. Engineer

3. Entrepreneur

4. Something to do with marketing

5. Something artistic like graphic designer, photographer, etc.

Most Attractive Jobs for Women:

1. Hairdresser

2. Nurse

3. Lawyer

4. Entrepreneur

5. Teacher

I find it odd that entrepreneur made both lists. What exactly is an entrepreneur? I feel like this is a term a lot of people use when they aren't exactly sure what they do for a living? Most people think of this job as someone who works for themselves and is the boss of themselves. Maybe that's the draw? 

Remember, sometimes people you meet on these APPs seems like they are too good to be true. Look out for some of these huge red flags and take off the rose-colored glasses!