How Much Does It Cost to Be In A Relationship Per Year?

There may be something to be single!

December 2, 2019
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Dating is expensive. And according to a new study, being in a relationship can be even more costly per year. 

With Christmas coming up, you know there are some definite costs associated with being in a relationship. Those holiday gifts add up quickly. 

Lloyd’s Bank in the U.K. did the research and polled 4,000 adults about their relationship status and how they were doing financially. 

If you are single as we approach the holidays, you may be better off in. the long run, financially at least. 

People who are in relationships spend about $4,630.55 a year. 

What expenses are the ones attributing to this expense every year? Living expenses were on the top of the list followed by dinners, gifts, and vacations. 

So if you're single this year, take a look at that bank account and you'll probably be better financially than those couples up with someone.