Did You Get A Random Text From Valentine's Day Yesterday?

It may have caught you off guard.

November 8, 2019
Woman with shocked face looking at text message

It's been nearly 9 months since Valentine's Day. Imagine the surprise some 168,000 people had when they received texts originally sent on Valentine's Day on their phones in the early morning hours Thursday. 

People on the four major cell carriers in the U.S. reported getting these messages. 

As you can imagine, a text coming in during the middle of the night can be scary because sometimes you think the worst. Some of those impacted by this mystery text glitch received messages from ex boyfriends, coworkers, and even deceased relatives and friends. 

I'd be a bit shook if I got a text like that in the middle of the night from an ex. Like what the hell?

The different phone companies are blaiming third party companies for the glitch, but other experts seem to think that it was an issue with people sending so many messages on Valentine's Day that somehow prevented them from getting sent. As for why they were delivered all these months later, well that's a mystery. 

You can see more of the random messages that came in below. Eek.