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Today's Red Tuesday Which Means You May Get Dumped

February 7, 2017

Valentine's Day is just one week away. And while many people are making plans for romantic dinners, buying jewelry, or ordering flowers others will be dumping their significant other today. 

Today is a day they call Red Tuesday! It's another one of those days in the year that you are likely to get dumped. Sure, you and your boo thang made it through the Holidays and also through the January, but now's the time people decide to be single. 

Illicitencounters.com love to do studies on relationships, cheating, and even breaking up. And they found that 30% of people have dumped someone the Tuesday before Valentine's Day. They didn't want to have to fake it through the romantic holiday, allegedly. But let's be honest, if you are dumping someone a week before Valentine's Day it's because you didn't want to have shell out all that cash on overpriced roses that will die or some expensive dinner. 

Side note: if you are one of those people that only do something romantic on Valentine's day which is an over commercialized holiday, you have bigger issues. Sure, V-day is nice and all, but you should be celebrating your love for someone year round. This advice coming from a single girl who will be decked out in all black next week in protest. :)