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Too Much Coffee Can Make You Dumber?

Or so says the latest study...

August 24, 2017

There seems to be another scientific study on coffee drinking every other month. One study reveals that drinking coffee is good for you, can make your workouts better, etc. And now it's a new day and a new study that has opposite findings. 

After reading the latest news, I guess I am glad I've lost my taste for coffee. I used to be the girl that would be double fisting my Starbucks coming into work every Morning. But the last month or two, I just can't seem to stomach coffee. I even bought Cold Brew today at Starbucks and drank a quarter of the cup before tossing it in the trash! 

So what did the latest study on coffee drinking find? People who drink too much of it could actually become dumber over time. But without coffee in the morning many people can't get it together to be productive. 

The research was conducted by Best Mattress Brand and found that college students that drank a lot of coffee ended up sleeping less and in the long run had lower grade point averages.  They found that "students who didn't drink any coffee had average GPAs of 3.43, while those who consumed one cup of coffee every day had an average 3.41 GPA, those who consumed two had a 3.39 GPA and students who drank five or more had GPAs of 3.28." 

For the record, I just want to point out that I was drinking 4ish cups of coffee when I finally finished my undergrad in 2016 and graduated with honors and a 3.9 GPA!