Top 5 Public Places People Are Getting Busy

December 27, 2018

© Abby Khoriaty |

Who are these people and how on Earth are they getting away with doing the deed in some of these very public places?

Personally, I have a one bedroom apartment and can think of at least a dozen places to get it on without risking getting arrested for indecent exposure.

But for some people, a bed, the kitchen, the couch, etc. just aren't exciting enough, and they need to take the sex endeavors out into the public. What public places do you think topped this list?

DrEdOnline conducted a survey and found some pretty exciting results. Dr. Ed did quite a study on people and sex. Did you know 75 percent of women prefer to have sex in the evening? You do now. It makes sense too. I find that pre-bed activities tend to help me fall asleep faster and sleep better. 

Top 5 Places People Have Sex in Public:

1. A public park, field, or garden: I can see the appeal here. Maybe you've set the tone for a nice picnic lunch, and one thing leads to the other. The good news about these spots is that they typically have some areas that are more secluded, so you aren't putting your business all out there.

2. Inside a car: I think most people have been there done this at some point in their lives. 

3. The Beach or Ocean: I can see why people would think this would be an amazingly romantic idea. But sand gets everywhere included places that the sun doesn't shine. Ouch!

4. A Public Restroom: NOOOOOOOOO thank you! Now not all public bathrooms are created equally. But I just couldn't get in the mood thinking about all the random germs and people that have done it here or used the restroom. 

5. The Movies: Like seriously, how can you even pull this off? There are sounds that come with sex and if there are people in the theater with you, they will surely hear you. 

There are so many interesting findings in the study. Read more of them here.