Top 5 Ways Women Criticize Themselves Each Day

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves!

December 29, 2017

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Ladies, we are real negative Nancy's when it comes to ourselves and how we feel about our looks and accomplishments. I suppose most people are their own worst critics, but women seem to take this to a whole new level. A new study has found that the average woman criticizes herself eight times a day! But what are our most significant gripes that we are getting all worked up over? 

I would be willing to bet a lot of money that the amount that women criticize themselves daily has only risen since social media. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram we can share every single moment of our lives with whoever cares to watch.

"A worrying trend of negativity among women was revealed by a survey of 2,000 women - with one in seven women admitting to criticising themselves regularly throughout their day."

And sure enough, all the selfies being shared are a considerable part of the problem!! You can send your checks my way now! "Women are bombarded with images of perfection while at the same time expected to balance both working lives and family lives, which experts concluded led to women's critical relationships with themselves."

So what are some of the top things women are criticizing about themselves?

Here are just 5:

1. You're too fat/overweight

2. Your hair is a mess

3. Your belly looks big

4. You don't do enough exercise

5. Feeling scruffy next to other women

Of course, weight is #1 on the list. I will say this though-Remember to take what you see and read on social media with a grain of salt. People only put out there what they want you to see or believe. Most people just share the perfect moments and photos. And let's not forget all those APPs out there that people are using to airbrush their selfies before they post them. Using an Instagram filter is one thing, but thinning out your face, airbrushing your skin to make it flawless, and changing your cheekbone structure are a whole other thing.

The things we see on social media are filtered to only show the best of someone's life.