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The Top Emojis For North and South Carolina

June 14, 2017

More and more people are using emojis in text conversations and status updates on social media. And every few months there's a batch of new emojis that get added to the emoji vernacular.

Reviews.org did a year-long study to determine what each state's most used emoji is and one of the Carolinas clearly is doing a lot of naughty texting. 

My personal favorite emojis are the cat face with the heart eyes and the smiling poop! But neither of those were the most used in either North or South Carolina. 

States like West Virgina, Oklahoma, and Nevada all have the poop emoji as their most used one of the past year. And there are a lot of states that have the same favorite emojis. North and South Carolina, though, are unique and picked emojis that no other state did.

The most popular emoji in North Carolina is the tired face emoji. 

I guess people in this state are tired all the time and texting people about how tired they are on the regular. 

But South Carolina is really standing out for their most used emoji...

In case you didn't know, most people use the eggplant emoji to reference a man's anatomy if you know what I mean. Y'all are having lots of sexy chat clearly South Carolina. 

What emojis are other states using the most?