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Trend Alert: Matching Manicures With Your Cat

I'm a crazy cat lady, but this may even be too crazy for me!

July 25, 2017

There are some pretty weird beauty trends lately, but this one seems very odd and over-the-top to me. 

I love cats and have two myself. I pamper them, have full on conversations with them, and even buy them special treats on occasion. But I am not going to get a manicure and have my cats rock the same color on their claws. 

Yes, Matching Cat/Owner Mani's are now a real thing. 

But this can't be safe right? I mean the thought of attempting to paint either of my cats claws has me scared. There's no way they'd ever allow it. But what about the toxic crap in nail polish? Cat's clean their nails with their teeth and mouth. 

And some people are doing the matching manicures with their dogs now too. I struggle to even trim my cat's nails so this trend will be a no-go for me!