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Trending: The Ariana Grande Stool Challenge

October 17, 2017

What is this Ariana Grande stool challenge? Just the latest thing people are doing on social media that's gone viral. 

How did it all start? With this album cover. 

Fans began to wonder if this photo was doctored or photoshopped in any way because sitting like this on a small stool seems like it would be quite a challenge. So now people are taking to social media to see if they can pull off the Ariana Grande stool challenge. 

We tried this morning and posting it to facebook live. Watch below. Our Market manager and some of the guys from our sister station WFNZ even gave it a try! 

As you can see some of us pulled it off better than others. But let us not forget that Ariana is super tiny. I googled it and she's allegedly 5 feet tall. She also has a tiny frame. 

Here are a few other people trying to recreate her pose on twitter. This tweet below is the guy who started the whole conspiracy theory that she's not sitting on an actual stool. 

It seem most people can get it down after a few tries.