The Truth About Couples That Overshare On Social Media

We get it! You're in love!

January 25, 2018

© Nastassia Yakushevich |

We all know have some of those couples. You know the ones that are always professing their love to one another all over social media. They are constantly sharing mushy photos of their date nights. They are so in love it almost makes you gag!

They seem so over-the-moon happy, but a new study suggests otherwise. 

You mean to tell me people who show off their happy relationship aren't all that happy? Get out of town!

Social media allows the user to control how others perceive them. We become our own PR person, and we choose what we share with the World. If we want only to share filtered selfies that make us appear flawless, we can. Basically what I am saying is that social media is only showing you a tiny snippet of someone's life. 

So what did the study find? To sum it up, those who are always posting about their relationship are doing so because they are anxious about the state of their relationship. The truly happy couples keep their business offline.