Must See: Coolest "Lego Movie" Airplane Safety Video

August 6, 2018

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If you're someone who has flown a few times, you likely ignore the safety presentation the flight crew does before takeoff. Been there, done that and nothing has changed. Each airline has their own unique way of presenting the ways passengers should do if an emergency occurs during the flights or while on the plane.

Some airlines have generic videos and their crew acts out portions of the procedures during the presentation. Southwest Airlines leave their presentation to their crew and if you've ever flown this airline, you know that it can be a bit of a comedy act. But one airline is going viral for their creative safety video. 

Turkish Airlines is using the cast of "The Lego Movie" to help educate passengers on safety procedures. They also include some other animated Super Heros too.

It's part of a partnership with Warner Bros. to help promote the new Lego Movie hitting theaters in February of 2019! And this was no easy video to create. A total of 9,658,631 CPU hours (Central Processing Units) were used to generate 973 versions of animation. 30 different versions of the new safety video were created, both in English and Turkish, to cover the safety particulars of the 15 different airplane models in the Turkish Airlines fleet.

I wonder if we will see more partnerships like this in the future?