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Twitter Freaks Over Dog's Tiny Bedroom

Now this is one spoiled pooch!

August 22, 2017

Our pets are like family members so we tend to give them special treatment. I know for me, I have full on conversations with my two cats. I let them know where I'm going and a time I should be home before going to work. Yup, I'm one of those people. 

My cats are pretty spoiled and they have me wrapped around their little paw, but there's another pet taking over Twitter that may be the most spoiled dog. 

A man tweeted about his brother building a bedroom for his dog. He took out part of the wall and created a little bedroom under the stairs for the dog. 

Wow, that guy really worked hard to make that little bedroom. There are even pictures in the bedroom of the family. 

If you think your dog is spoiled you may want to step up your game now.