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Two More Retail Chains Announce Closings

There's definitely a pattern here!

September 7, 2017

Some cue up Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust." 2017 has been a bad year for restaurant and retail chains. It seems like every few weeks another popular chain is announcing mass location closings or that they're going out of business. 

So many mall chain stores have gone under or closed many locations like The Limited, Sears, Teavana, Wet Seal, Lane Bryant, etc. And now here are two more to add to the list. 

When is the last time you shopped at Gap? How about Banana Republic

I loved Gap in middle and high school. I was a total prep and rocked their plaid skirts and V-neck sweaters. But the last time I went into the Gap I was shocked at how expensive the jeans were. There is no way in hell my family paid that much for my jeans in middle school. 

Gap Inc. announced today that's it's going to focus efforts on Old Navy and Athleta brands. According to The Los Angeles Times, the company plans to close approximately 200 Gap and Banana Republic stores in the next three years and will open about 270 Old Navy and Athleta stores during the same period.

It makes total sense. Old Navy's prices are so reasonable and they are constantly having incredible sales too. I looked at Gap's twitter account and now it all makes sense why they are closing. 

Who in the hell would wear that thing?!?!?