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Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Out & Rompers Are In

Can we call 2017 the year of the romper?

November 2, 2017

Move over Ugly Christmas sweaters because this year there's a new ugly Christmas clothing item taking over. 

I was in Target the other day and saw ugly Christmas sweater dresses. I wish I had taken a photo because they were really, really ugly. The one I found below on Twitter isn't so bad. 

But this article isn't about ugly Christmas Dresses. It's about the new trend, Ugly Christmas Rompers. Rompers were huge this year. They were so popular that a company, Romp Him, even started to make them for men. 

And these Christmas Rompers are going to be made exclusively for men because why not. They have 4 varieties:

The Santa. This classic Santa suit romper will have you singing "Santa Baby” all night long. 

The Elf. Channel your inner Buddy the Elf with this red-and-green festive favorite. 

It’s Lit. The perfect option for celebrating Hanukkah, this romper is royal blue in color and showcases a menorah in the center.

The Classic. This romper replicates your typical "ugly" sweater and is decked with presents, string lights, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. 

I was looking for a photo on twitter, but couldn't find one. You can read more and see some photos of them here.