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United Pilot's Crazy Rant Scares Passengers

April 17, 2017

Boy, United Airlines just cannot seem to catch a break. Last week it was the David Dao incident followed by a passenger getting stung by a scorpion on a flight. This week it's another tale of a couple getting bumped off a flight and a crazy rant from one of their pilots from February. 

When you're flying, you want to be 100% sure that the pilot and the flight crew are in the right mind space. After the recent bad publicity for United, another story has come out that took place in February involving a pilot who appeared to have some mental break down before the flight. 

It was back in February when a female pilot got aboard a flight in street clothes and starting ranting and raving. The rant began with asking passengers if she should put on her uniform and it quickly went down hill from there. News agencies reported on the incident, but now with all the bad press for United, the story has once again gone viral.

Passengers were uneasy and asked for security. Eventually, the unruly Pilot was taken off the flight. Would you feel safe letting that person flying you? I sure wouldn't!