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Updated: Could Taylor Swift Shadow the Solar Eclipse With New Music

Tay just broke her social media silence!

August 21, 2017

Could Taylor Swift be planning something so epic that it could over shadow today's Solar Eclipse?

UPDATED at 11am: Taylor just posted this on all of her social media accounts. 

And now there's speculation that she's revealed the name of her new single

If any celebrity could pull it off, it most certainly would be Taylor. Friday fans began to freak out when suddenly her social media accounts were wiped pretty much clean. If you look at her Instagram account, you'll see a "blank page". 

All of her photos have been deleted. And the same applies for her Twitter account. She has millions of followers, but all of her tweets have since been taken down. 

Last week it was rumored that Taylor was going to perform with Katy Perry at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards

All I know is something big is up if she's going to completely blackout her website and all social media accounts. If you try to go to her website, it will give you an error message. Over the weekend, the page was just black, but now the site has been taken down altogether. Could Taylor be planning to take on Mother Nature and the Solar Eclipse?