Valentine's Day Ideas on a Budget

February 11, 2019

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We are three days away from Valentine's Day. Hopefully, you've made your reservations at that cozy spot in town because if not you may be out of luck. 

Recently, I shared some research that said the average a couple will spend around $170ish on their Valentine's dinner. But let me tell you, any jackass can drop a bunch of money for some fancy meal, long stem roses, and something blingy. Sometimes it truly is the thought that counts. 

So if you're not trying to spend a ton on this special day, you can do something on the cheap. 

1. Make a special playlist: This is like the modern day mixtape. There's nothing like getting a compilation of music that makes him or her think of you. Plus, it could be the perfect soundtrack to some late night living room dancing. 

2. Do the cooking yourself: Going out is great and all, but sometimes doing the cooking yourself can be so much more special! Make something your boo loves and decorate the table with some Valentine's themed decor. 

3. Make Your Own flower arrangement: Calling a florist for flower delivery for the 14th will automatically cost you more. Instead, you can go to Trader Joe's (they sell flowers super cheap) or a flower wholesale market and arrange them yourself in a nice vase. If you have no clue how to do this, youtube is your friend.

4. Make Fondue at home: Sure, the Melting Pot is great, but that place is going to be slam packed on Tuesday. You can easily make your own cheese and chocolate fondue. Plus you can pick the different items to cut up as dippers. There's something really romantic about fondue. Just make sure you don't burn the chocolate. I did that before and it ruins the taste. 

5. Make something! It can be a photo album full of quotes or if you can paint or write poetry, go for it. Again, something you made and put a lot of time and thought into will go over much better than overpriced flowers.

Here's to a very special Valentine's Day!