Victoria's Secret Closing Some Stores Before Year's End

Are bra and panty sales down?

August 31, 2018

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The last few years have not been good for brick and mortar retail stores. We have seen big names stores like Toys "R" Us, JcPenney, Sears, and more close many if not all of their stores recently. 

If you go to some malls, you may even notice more and more empty store fronts too! Victoria's Secret is the latest retail chain to announce store closings before the year's end. The closings were announced via a conference call yesterday. As of now, they plan to clse twenty locations, but have yet to announce what locations will close. 

Why are they closing? L Brands reported its second-quarter earnings on Wednesday. Same-store sales at Victoria's Secret, which also includes the Pink brand, were down by 1%.

More people are shopping online which means there's no need for physical stores. Plus, have you seen some of the ridiculous underwear VS has put out lately? 

They basically have no backside to them as they are just all straps. Where the hell would you wear those? And more importantly who would those look good on? Maybe a VS model, but us normal women have bumps and cellulite that would not work with these new, edgy looks. 

Personally, I like most of the panties they have, but my issue with them is that tag is like a foot long. It's irritating and pops out of your pants. Perhaps you should work on making a better tag and focus less on those crazy, strappy panties you have in stores. Just my opinion!