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Viral: Girl Freaks Out Over Solar Eclipse

What was your reaction?

August 22, 2017

The BIG solar eclipse has come and gone. Did you have a chance to see it?

I went out to the parking lot with everyone else from the office to take a peek when it was supposed to be at 98% totality. I felt the temperature drop a bit. Also, it was kind of odd seeing the street lights come on. I think the weirdest thing about the eclipse was how the crickets and cicadas came out for like a minute making noise but stopped once the eclipse was over.

My reaction to the eclipse was meh. I saw it on TV when it was 100% totality in Oregon, and that was a sight to see.  

But one girl's reaction was over the top and lucky for us the whole thing was caught on camera along with the eclipse.

What a cool video. And below you can see an actual picture that the man caught of the eclipse at its peak!