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Viral: Not All Cats Hunt Mice

This feline clearly doesn't like to play cat and mouse!

September 19, 2017

Not all cats are good hunters. Maybe it's because they've been so domesticated that they lose their hunting instinct? I have two cats. The older and much bigger one is a great huntress. If she sees a fly or any other bug, she's on it. She even likes to hunt the light that reflects off of shiny objects on the ceiling and her tale. The younger one doesn't have the best hunting skills, but she's sweet. 

Most people believe that if you have a mouse problem that getting a cat can help get rid of them. Personally, I am not afraid of mice. I may jump if one comes out and startles me. But I am the animal lover that would much rather catch it humanely and release it outside than use a trap or my fat cat.

A video of a guy's attempt to get rid of a rat with the help of his cat has gone viral! Just watch and see what happens. 

I don't know who's more afraid the guy or the cat!