Could VooDoo Doll Therapy Make You Happier at Work?

This could be the key!

August 28, 2018

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Unfortunately for many people, getting up and going to work isn't a pleasant experience. Maybe you're not doing the job you dreamt of, or perhaps you work with some miserable people that make it hard to be happy. 

Sometimes your stress at work is all because of your boss. That can be hard. You need to make money to pay the bills, but this person just makes your life miserable. Quite a few years ago, I worked for someone like that, and it would cause stomach issues and panic attacks. Thankfully, I got out of that toxic situation. 

If you're in a place like that at work, there could be a way to make things better according to a new study

A study from the UK's Health & Safety Board found that 12 million people take time off from work because of stress from their boss. What's the answer to helping employees feel less stressed and boost morale? 

VooDoo Dolls of their bosses, apparently. They call this technique "symbolic retaliation." The international study led by psychologist Lindie Hanyu Liang from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada found that voodoo dolls gave the employees a way to act out against their bosses without being insubordinate. Just by putting pins into the doll that represents the boss gave people a feeling "like they're getting even and restoring their sense of fairness."

And if you don't have a voodoo doll, no worries a photo of the boss with some darts can have the same impact.