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Want to be Physically Stronger?

May 10, 2017

You are probably thinking that this story is going to encourage you to go to the gym more and do some strength training or change your diet completely. 

Nope, you couldn't be more far off the trail. 

If you want to get through a super hard task like lifting heavy furniture during a move the best way to be stronger and get through it is using profanity over and over. Hmm, that's one technique I can get behind and probably tried the last time I moved in December. 

The study was conducted out of Keele University in England and it found that screaming out curse words can make it easier for people to endure physical pain. 

And here's more of a breakdown of the results from the study. "When people cursed their way through the half-minute bike challenge, their peak power rose by 24 watts on average, according to the study. In the 10-second grip task, swearers boosted their strength by the equivalent of 2.1kg, researchers found." 

I wonder if this would work for me at the gym when I am trying to hold that 2-minute plank? I may offend some people, but maybe I will get through it.