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Was This Woman's Swimsuit Really Inappropriate?

June 26, 2017

I have seen plenty of inappropriate swimwear over the years. Sometimes the issue is the person wearing it is wearing a size or two small, and that leaves nothing to the imagination. On the other hand, there are bathing suits that are made to barely cover up places that should be covered. 

Tyler Newman and his fiance, Tori, had a less than ideal experience at their apartment complex pool last week. The couples decided to go to the pool and within 3-minutes of arriving Tori was asked to leave because her swimsuit was "too risque". Check out Tyler's Facebook post that shows Tori's over the top suit. 

Do you think the apartment complex had any right to tell her to leave the pool because of that bathing suit? I've seen people wearing thong bikinis at apartment complex pools that are supposed to be family friendly so I see nothing wrong with the suit she was wearing.