3 Drinks to Avoid on A Plane


November 5, 2019
Person holding drink by plane window

I was just having this conversatioin over the weekend. My Aunt and Uncle flew down from Philadelphia on a budget airline to visit. They were talking about how cheap the price of the flight was, but all the other things thety ended up paying extra for on board. They brough a carry on with them and had to pay. Also, if they wanted anything to drink other than the tap water on board, they had to pay too. 

I think they said it was $3.50 for a bottle of water so they opted for tap water. I nearly gagged when they told me that because I have read quite a few stories and studies about how nasty the water is on a plane. They didn't believe me so this is for you, Kay and Geoff! 

A new study was just published about the quality of the water on a plane. What did it find? It's nasty as hell. Most U.S. Airlines do not provide safe drinking water and it could be making people sick. 

The water was scored on 23 different national or regional airlines based on criteria like fleet size, pressence of E. Coli, and how many times they violated the federal government’s Aircraft Drinking Water Rule. Only 4 of the airlines were found to have water that was safe to drink for staff and passengers. 

So what drinks should you avoid at all costs on your next flight? 

1. Water from the plane. Bottled water is safe so spend if you must. 

2. Coffee because they use the water on board to make it. 

3. Tea because they also use the nasty water for it. 

And if you use the restroom, you should just bring some wipes of a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer too. The water is so gross, you should also avoid washing your hands with it too.