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Ways To Prevent A Hangover This Holiday Season

December 3, 2018

So many holiday parties and so little time. And with all these holiday parties and gatherings more often than not there's alcoholic beverages involved. And if you're really going to over indulge you know the next morning you may have to deal with a dreaded hangover. Hangovers are no fun! But this year I am here to help you prevent that morning after feeling!

What's the best way to prevent a hangover? Duh...don't drink! But don't worry I am not here to push alcohol abstinence on you. I am here to give you some pretty amazing tips to prevent the gut wrenching nausea and the pounding headache.

1. Vitamins are your friend! Eat things that are high in vitamins and antioxidants like fruit and veggies.

2. Clear liquor is the best choice! Some people think it's a myth, but a study in 2010 found that dark liquors like whiskey DO give you a worse hangover because they have more toxins called "congeners."

3. Avoid cheap liquor at all costs! It tastes like rubbing alcohol and it's full of toxins that will make you feel yucky. Top shelf all the way!

4. Alcohol and Caffeine should not be mixed! Drinks like red bull and vodka while some enjoy tend to make you feel less drunk because of the caffeine. You don't feel drunk so you keep on drinking.

5. Always follow the cardinal rule: "Beer before liquor never sicker"!

6. Avoid sugary alcoholic drinks! The more sugary drinks you consume the wore the hangover. I can attest to this! Smores Martinis are good that night, but not so much the next morning.

7. Drink plenty of water! Again, this one is obvious. Alcohol dehydrates you and that's why hangovers tend to happen!

You can get more tips and tricks on avoiding the dreaded hangover below. Happy holidays and happy drinking. Remember don't drink and drive EVER! Find a sober buddy or call Uber!


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