We Spend Two Hours Per Day Feeling Bored


September 18, 2018

© Tero Vesalainen | Dreamstime.com

How much of your day do you find yourself bored to tears? Apparently, on average people are getting bored a lot more than you may think. 

I thought because people now have multiple jobs, kids, or hobbies that we have less time to really feel bored than we may have had in the past. Maybe I am just a busybody, but I seem to be able to find something to do when I am bored. 

A new study found that the average person feels bored about two hours per day. That ends up working out to be about five years in their lifetime!!! And our boredom tends to hit at about 1:10 every afternoon. I wonder if it's more tiredness versus being bored? That's the middle of the workday and usually after a lunch break. I tend to grab a coffee at this time as a pick me up.

The study even figured out what exactly is making us bored. Here are the top five things.

1. Waiting on hold during a phone call.

2. Slow Wi-Fi.

3. Going through junk mail.

4. Watching an advertisement before viewing a video.

5. Waiting for websites/APPs to load.

I get the no Wi-fi/Slow Wi-Fi thing. Most of what I do with work and even attending school online requires the internet.