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Website Tells You If Robots Will Take Over Your Job

June 21, 2017

Technology and computers are great. They make our lives so much easier for communication and doing other tasks. But with technology comes the risk of technology taking over people's jobs. 

More and more robots are being used in certain industries. An excellent example of where robots are used is in the car industry. Many robots replaced workers that built cars causing a huge unemployment boom. Sooner rather than later, Robots will be everywhere. Just a few months ago there was a news story out that said in the next ten years, or so people will have robots as partners and for sex. Can you imagine marrying a robot? It just seems so bizarre to me.

But before we start thinking about marrying a robot we need to start thinking about our jobs and if robots could replace us. In the Radio World, there aren't Robots per say. Although some may consider Ryan Seacrest a robot because he manages to be in so many different places all at once. 

According to Oxford University, many different occupations across many industries could see the rise of robots replacing human workers. According to their findings, there are some 47% of jobs in the United States at risk. How can you find out if your's is in danger? 

There's a website appropriately willrobotstakemyjob.com that will break down the chances for you. I know you're dying to find out, so click the link and see where you and your job stand.