What do Shopping and Sex Have In Common?

July 19, 2018

© Brenda Carson | Dreamstime

Hi! My name is Kelly and I may be a shopaholic. Wait, I think I once was a shopaholic, but have found a way to control my shopping addiction. 

If I have a stressful day, just going to Target or walking around the mall and touching and smelling all the merchandise calms my nerves. Odd right? Not so much actually. 

Myndplay.com conducted a study about how shopping affects the brain. They had people wear headsets that measured pleasure level in the brain. The study found that shoppers fell into two different categories, "Inspired shoppers" and "shop-y-cats." 

Shop-y-cats were people who just went shopping to fit in with their social circle or because they felt pressured. 

Those that fell into the Inspired shopper's category felt a real sense of pleasure just from browsing in stores. Clearly, I am an inspired shopper. These people felt a legitimate high after they made a purchase called a "buyer's high." If I find something I've been looking for on an amazing sale, you're damn right I get a buyer's high. I worked hard browsing the racks to find that amazing deal and I am proud of it. 

The research found the high experienced was comparable to sex, or a Formula 1 driver finishing a race. 

Just go onto Youtube.com and search for shopping haul videos and you can see what a true, inspired shopper feels after finding all the deals or things on their list. 

Do you see how many people watched that girl's shopping haul video? Holy cow! These haulers actually turn their love for shopping into a pretty lucrative career.