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What does Taylor Swift's New Partnership with Ticketmaster mean?

August 28, 2017

Buying concert tickets online can be a bit challenging especially if it's for an artist that everyone wants to see. Somehow bots and ticket scalpers always manage to buy a lot of tickets leaving fans in the cold or having to pay a lot more to go to the show. That's why Taylor Swift has partnered with Ticketmaster to make it easier for fans to get the tickets to her yet to be announced tour. 

It's a new feature called Verified Fan and not all fans are loving it and I can't blame them. Concert tickets are expensive enough and now this new verified fan feature will just add to the cost.

The twitter user above hit the nail on the head because now fans have to participate in games and exercises to advance in the line for a possible chance to buy tickets. Small boosts are available for free; fans can promote Taylor online or sign up to her mailing list, however, in order to fully maximise their chances of securing concert tickets, fans must splash out on official Taylor Swift merchandise or even buy her upcoming album multiple times. Basically, if you want to have a chance to buy tickets, you're going to have to buy lots of merch and her new album! 

I can understand why fans are so upset. I know I wouldn't want to spend money to maybe be able to buy tickets. And what if you don't have the funds right now, but will when the tickets go on sale? It just seems very unfair to fans. 

People are taking to twitter to call her our on this new scam to get more people to buy her album and merchandise!