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What Is Inside A $25k Taco?

March 6, 2017

Tacos can be pretty cheap. I have been to many restaurants where you can get them on special during Taco Tuesday for a $1 a piece. And if you go to Taco Bell, I believe you can still get their crunchy or soft taco for less than a buck. 

But there's a taco that's gone viral because it will cost you a cool $25,000. 

It's on the menu at a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Check out the photo of it below.

Is it me or does this crazy expensive taco look like it has party confetti on it? Those are actually gold leaves because if it's going to cost you $25k it needs to have some sort of gold on it. 

The $25k Taco also features a tortilla-infused with gold flakes, black truffle brie-cheese, Kobe beef, rare Norwegian lobster, and caviar. But the real crowning glory on this $25k taco is the salsa. A salsa made out of chili peppers, expensive tequila, and civet coffee beans. Civet beans are coffee beans that are pooped out by a little cat called a civet. Yup, you've officially lost me on ever wanting to try this taco.

Speaking of crapping something out, that's exactly what you will be doing with this taco and the $25k you spend on it. Seems like a total waste to me!

Plus let's be honest I can probably eat for the rest of my life with $25k at Taco Bell and still have plenty of money left.