What Percentage Of Men Would Skip Their Child's Birth For The Big Game?

Really, guys?

January 10, 2019

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Wow! I think it would be safe to say that if the man who was the father of my child decided to bail on their birth to watch the BIG game that after leaving the hospital I would be going to see a lawyer!

I get it. Football is important. The term football widow isn't just a funny name that some women call themselves. 

A bunch of men were surveyed by Wallethub.com, and they were asked what big events they'd miss out on so they could watch their team play in the BIG Game. 

I totally get some of the things on the list like work. It's been raining too hard outside, and I didn't go to work in the past. The one that most shocked me was 15% would skip the birth of their child. Really? The last time I was staying at the hospital, I remember having a TV in the room. But... if you were in active labor would you want your man distracted by the game on TV? I'm a cool chick and all, but I think some things like the birth of a child are far more important than football and the big game. 

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