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What is a Selfiecinno?

It's a new coffee trend!

December 26, 2017

Coffee just seems to be getting trendier every single year. There's always so new coffee drink that takes the World by storm because of its ingredients or flavors. 

If you're a cappuccino lover, you know latte art is a big thing at some of the fancier coffee shops. Baristas and latte artists take great pride in created works of art in the foam on the top of your drink.

All things unicorns were hot in 2017, so it's no surprise that unicorn latte art also became a thing. 

There was even Holiday inspired latte art too.

But if you want the perfect latte art to show off on social media, you need to find a coffee shop that can make you a selfiecinno. What in the world is that? It's latte art that takes one of your selfies and puts it on top of your cappucinno. It's pretty impressive and makes for a great photo.

But if you want your face on your drink, you're going to have to travel across the pond and make a stop at The Tea Terrace in London. They are the first cafe to create this special latte art and people are going crazy for it because it's just $7.50! Seems like an amazinf deal to me. 

How is this art created?