10 States With the Most Christmas Spirit

One of the Carolinas made it!

December 6, 2018

© Hrecheniuk Oleksii | Dreamstime.com

Some people have more Christmas spirit than others. I know quite a few people that have a Grinch-like attitude and are not fans of Christmas or the holiday season at all. I do get it somewhat. The Holiday season can be difficult for some people because it makes stress and anxiety worse. 

When it comes to the holiday spirit, what states do you think have the most Christmas Spirit? GetCenturyLink conducted a study and crunched some numbers. They looked specifically at online activity and area culture to determine the rankings. Area culture includes the number of Christmas trees per capita and charitable giving. The online activity they monitored was tweeting, google searches, and streaming of Christmas music. 

Top 10 States With the Most Christmas Spirit

1. Washington

2. South Dakota

3. Utah

4. Missouri

5. Maine

6. Tennessee

7. Alabama

8. Arkansas

9. Virginia

10. North Carolina

Of course, North Carolina made the list. We have Christmastowne USA in McAdenville that attracts a ton of people every single year. Do you know that in the none years I have been in Charlotte, I have yet to see these lights? This year I will make it happen. 

On the slip side, Alaska was found the be the state with the least Christmas spirit. I wonder if it has to do with the colder climate and all the darkness? Or maybe it's because many parts of that state don't have large populations of people.