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What was the Official Song of Summer 2017?

You may not love it, but I bet you danced a little to it!

August 31, 2017

I cannot believe we are about to kick off Labor Day weekend already. It feels like Memorial Day was just last week. 

Although most people would consider Summer over because all of the kids are back in school, it doesn't actually end until three weeks into September. I grew up in the Northeast where we had four seasons. Pools opened on Memorial Day weekend and closed on Labor Day. I just always associated the end of Summer with Labor day weekend. 

When you think back to Summer 2017, what do you think was the official song of Summer?

According to the music streamng service Spotify, the hottest song was "Despacito" with Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonzi, and Justin Bieber. I didn't get why people were so obsessed at first, but after hearing it three or four times I was on board. It's just one of those songs you have to dance to even if it's just moving your shoulders. 

The song had 786 streams! Wow! And it doesn't stop there for "Despacito"!