What's the #DogEggChallenge?

Are you putting your pup at risk?

February 8, 2018

© Damedeeso | Dreamstime.com

We live in a sad World where we have many more followers than leaders. With that being said, people are easily influenced by things they see other people or groups doing on social media. These trends or as some are called "challenges" are putting people and now even pets in danger. 

Over the last few years, we've seen things like the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge go viral. People were putting a cup and suctioning their lips to plump them up like Kylie's. The problem was that a lot of people were busting their lips or making them black and blue. 

And just recently there was the Tide Pod challenge. This challenge involves people bitting into the brightly colored tide laundry pods which are highly toxic for consumption. 

Now you may be seeing a lot of dogs with eggs in their mouths. This is just the latest challenge fad to hit social media. It's called the #DogEggChallenge and it involves dogs holding whole egss in their mouths. It was started by an adorable golder retriver named Sookie. 

Sookie's video has started a viral sensation of other dogs with eggs in their mouths, but vets are warning owners that this can be deadly. Putting a raw egg into your dog's mouth can make them sick. It's also a choking hazard. Not all dog breed's mouths are big enough to accomodate an egg and they can end up swallowing it and having the egg get lodged in their throats. 

While being cool on social media is great and all, killing your dog is not so just don't do it!