What's the Gray iPhone Challenge?

And can you do it?

February 13, 2018

Photo by Kelly Meyers/WLNK-FM

Our phone screens are so bright and have all these colorful icons for APPs on them it's no wonder many people struggle to put their's down. 

I read a study yesterday that found that adults on average are checking their phones anywhere from 50 to 300 times per day! And that's just adults. Did you know that 50% of teens feel that they are addicted to their phones? That's half! 

Teens and even kids that have phones are checking their devices even more which has raised concerns about phone addiction. Phone addiction is 100-percent a real problem and it can cause the addict to have other issues related to their mental health. There's even research that all of our time spent on our phones can be changing our brains. 

There's a new challenge that's going viral that is aiming to help us all spend less time on our phones and more time being present in our lives. It's called the "Gray Phone Challenge." There have been many studies that have come out over the last few months that suggested that it's the colors on our phones that are drawing us in. But what if our screens were all in different shades of gray?

Give it a try for a few hours and see how it impacts your use and interest in your phone. 

Doesn't look as fun without all the pretty colors, eh?

I am going to give it a try for the afternoon and see how I do.