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What's the Top Post Sex Food?

Yes, someone did a study on this.

August 10, 2017

I feel like someone is willing to conduct some sort of research on anything these days. The latest odd study involves people's food preferences after having sex. You just burned all those calories in the bed and you need something to eat. What's your go to food?

Yelp conducted the study and found that pizza is the food of choice post coitus. Pizza has been number one in many other studies too. It was found that pizza boosts productivity in the workplace over money. It's also first on the list of the most craved and hardest to refuse food lists. 

Here are some fun Pizza facts:

-1 in 8 Americans eats pizza on any given day.

-Most adult pizza consumption occurs in the home and generally at dinner.

-Men consume more pizza than women!

The second post sex food is tacos, because who doesn't love tacos.