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What's the Worst Social Media APP For Mental Health?

May 22, 2017

Did you know that May in Mental Health Awareness Month? So many people are silently battling depression, anxiety, or some other condition. They are afraid to seek help because they feel like there will some negative stigma placed upon them. 

My name is Kelly, and I have been battling depression, and most recently my general anxiety disorder has gotten bad. I spoke to my doctor, and he reassured me that I am not alone and that there are so many people that are medicated and in therapy to deal with their mental illness. 

And do you know what makes some of our mental health issues worse? Social media! But not all social media platforms are created equally. There's one in particular that has an adverse impact on teens and other people. Any guesses which one it may be?

The culprit is Instagram. Now I love Instagram. I think I prefer it because there are less political things and fake news posted. 

So why is the photo sharing social media APP so bad? When a teen's photo or a person's photo gets a ton of likes on the APP, their brain has the same response as when someone wins when they gamble. Gambling can become an addiction, so that means that posting to get likes and attention is also some form of dependency. But what else is so wrong about Instagram? The APP allows teen girls in particular "compare themselves against unrealistic, mostly curated, filtered and Photoshopped versions of reality," said Matt Keracher, author of the report.

Like I said, I love Instagram! But I also can spot a doctored, filtered out the wazoo photo in an instant. We all need to remember that social media allows any Joe or Jane Doe to be their own public relations director. Sure, some people share the good and bad of their lives. But many only show you the highlight reel featuring all of their best photos and best moment. 

I've shared this video every single year since it came out and it's still true all these years later.