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Where Can You Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses?

There are fakes and many places are sold out.

August 17, 2017

The Solar Eclipse is just a few days away, and you still don't have the proper eye protection to view it. Eek! 

You most certainly don't want to look at it with the naked eye and normal sunglasses will not suffice either! The only time you can look directly at the sun is during the period of Totality which is when the moon 100% covers the sun. The problem here in Charlotte is that we will not get to 100% totality. I heard on the news we should get to about 98%, so that means you're going to need the right eye protection for Monday. 

Discovery Place Uptown will have the glasses beginning at noon today, but their stock is limited, and there's been a line since 6 am! If you call their phone number, (704) 372-6261, you can get an update on the recorded message on stock and if more will be coming in. 

There are other places you can buy them in person as well because online options probably wouldn't get them here in time for Monday. The American Astronomical Society lists these stores as ones that are selling glasses from approved vendors. 


Best Buy


Casey's General Store

Circle K 

Hobby Town



Love's Travel Shops


Pilot/Flying J 

Toys "R" Us  


Just remember when you see the glasses you're going to want to make sure they have the code ISO 12312-2.