Pug with sad eyes

Crying Pets And Babies Make Us Sad

August 26, 2019

If you have a baby or have children, you know that they have all different cries. One cry indicates they are hungry. There's a cry that lets you know they need attention. And there's that other cry that means they are upset, hurt, or scared. That's the worst one. As new new parent, I get sad anytime Norah cries and try to remedy the crying as soon as I can. 

If you have fur babies, they have different cries too. And apparently, these cries make us just as sad as a crying baby, according to a new study. The research out of Denmark concluded that pet owners develop a special sensitivity to all dogs’ and cats’ whines, whimpers, barks, and meows.

But there's one animal whose whines are cries have a bigger impact on those that own pets and those that don't have pets. Dog whines are viewed overall as more negative to people in general. The different types of cat cries only made cat owners sad. 

“The result suggests that dogs, more effectively than cats, communicate distress to humans and that pet ownership is linked to greater emotional sensitivity to these sounds." 

See there is something to the term "fur babies" after all.