Who Spends More at Christmas? Men or Women?

November 20, 2018

© Maksim Pasko | Dreamstime

Finances are one of the biggest things people stress over around the Holidays. There's a certain expectation or pressure put on us when it comes to gift giving. And I think it just gets worse if you're in a reasonably new relationship or with someone who has everything. It can be frustrating. 

A new study of American's Christmas gift giving found that the most prominent expectations for gifts fall upon men. Women feel men should spend at least $250 on their Christmas gift. More than 3/4th of women expect men to at least hit this price point with their offerings this year. But when it comes down to it, men are spending far less than women want. 

Men, in reality, spend about $90 on a gift for their woman. Us ladies tend to step up the gift giving game and drop on average $170 on the man in our life. 

You probably think women want jewelry, but the majority prefer an experience with a loved one. Men wish to have an experience as well in the form of tickets to see their favorite sports team or concert. 

How do you and your significant other handle holiday gift giving? Do you set a budget limit? Do you make a list of things you want and give it to them? Or does each person have free reign to buy what they think means the most and what the person would like instead?